HomeSchool Process

Homeschool Process for Leicester Residents

If you intend to homeschool your child, please fill out the Homeschool Application and email it to the Superintendent's secretary. Contact information can be found on the Directory page. 

The parent/guardian must:

  1. Submit written notification of establishment of the home-based program to the appropriate administrator (Superintendent) 14 days before the program is established. The parent must re-submit notification on an annual basis as long as the child is being educated in a home-based environment and the child is under 16 years of age
  2. Provide a complete individual home education plan which fully lists amount of time to be devoted to home instruction in every subject area on a weekly basis and the name of any and all persons who will conduct the home instruction
  3. Provide a complete list of all materials to be used for the home instruction of the child
  4. Provide a plan for evaluation of the child’s progress in every subject area
  5. Schedule a hearing, if requested by the Superintendent, at which time the parent(s) shall explain the plan and answer questions about it

Parents should submit reports consistent with the system’s marking periods to the Superintendent indicating the general area of student study and the progress of the student in each subject during the quarter. Should the Superintendent determine the reports show insufficient progress, the parent shall be so notified and a meeting shall be convened to determine whether the approval shall be revoked.

Any home instruction plan must be approved annually if the student is to continue in a home study program for more than one school year.



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