Weather Alerts

School Delays, Cancellations and Early Dismissals
At any time of year we must plan for the inevitable possibility of school delays and cancellations due to inclement weather conditions.   If the conditions warrant a delay or cancellation, a decision will typically be made by 5:45AM. The District will activate its call notification system.  The information will also be posted on TV station Channel 5 and on Radio Stations WSRS 96.1 FM and WTAG 530AM.  News of cancellations and delays are also posted on the district Facebook page.
If the weather unexpectedly worsens after a delay has been called, the District will make a second call notification announcement informing parents of the change to a cancelation; the same TV and Radio Stations will be updated as well.  When there is a two hour delay, there will be no morning preschool sessions.  
In the event that an early dismissal is necessary, the same notification procedure will be used.  The schools will be dismissed in the following order:  High School, Middle School, then Elementary School.   Please make sure your child knows the plan you have made for them in the event that students are sent home early. 
On occasion, if the weather warrants, the District may dismiss the High School a ½ hour early with the Middle School being dismissed as soon as the buses can finish their high school run.  In doing so, Elementary School will hopefully be able to dismiss at their regular dismissal time.  Please keep in mind that arrival times at the bus stops may vary due to driving conditions.  
As always, the decision to cancel or delay is a difficult one that is made with the best available information at the time and always keeping in mind the safety of our students. As a parent, if you disagree with the decision that was made and feel it is unsafe to send your child on the bus, you have the option to keep your child home or transport him/her in your own vehicle.   
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