Finance & Operations

Finance & Business Office
3 Washburn Square
Leicester, MA 01524

Director of Finance and Business - Denise Carrier x 9009
[email protected]
Payroll and Business Assistant - Bonnie Eaton x 9008
              Accounts Payable and Business Assistant - Wendy Maynard x 9007

The Office of Finance & Operations is responsible for the operations of all financial aspects of the School Department. This includes preparation and supervision of the budget, assuring that all spending is within the structure and confines of School Committee policies and guidelines. Other financial responsibilities include: payroll, processing and oversight of District fees and special revenues such as tuition, athletic fees, donations and grants. Financial reporting to the School Committee is done on a regular basis, as well as to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the form of periodic reports including the annual End of Year Financial Report.

The Office of Finance & Operations also oversees the following non-academic support functions: School Lunch Program, Facilities and Transportation.


  Click on any of the links below for Student Activity Account information.

  1. LPS Student Activity Account Guidelines 2023

  2. Student Activity Account School Committee Policy


Click to make a payment with                  Click to make a payment with
uipaygold                          myschoolbucks                     

The Leicester Public Schools are pleased to offer parents and community members an option to pay for fee based activities online through, UniPay Gold for fees and for school lunches, both systems are secure internet based payment processing system.

Fees you can currently pay online through UniPay Gold:

  • Athletic Fees

  • Pre-K Tuition

  • High School Field Trips

  • High School Class Dues

  • High School AP Exams

  • Middle School Class Trips

You have two (2) options for paying your bill; either by electronic check or by credit card.

Electronic Check:

There is a .50cent fee to make a payment with an electronic check. You will need one of your checks with you when you pay your bill online in order to get your account number and the bank’s routing number from it. You will be shown where this information is on your check.

Credit Card:

We accept MasterCard and Discover for credit card payments. There will be a convenience fee for each online payment. The credit card service provider charges the fee to your credit card. When paying by credit card, the fee amount will appear in a separate box and will be totaled with the amount of the tax. See the attached fee schedule.

Should you have any questions regarding online payments please call (508) 892-7040

Click Here to Pay

School Lunch and Chromebook Insurance Prepayment System
To set up an account for online payments go to and click the Sign Up Today link. You will need your students' school ID number which will also be their lunch number.

Anytime you need to add funds to an account you can do it through the webpage or use the Android or iOS app. You can set up low balance notifications that will alert you when the balance in the account reaches a point that you can determine. You can also set up automatic payments.

Should you have any questions please call the Director of Foodservice at 508-892-7036 Extension 5224.

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